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Formed in July of 2018 by the State of West Virginia, the West Virginia Underground Damage Prevention Board (WVDPB) is legislatively tasked with providing civil enforcement for violations of the Dig Law found in WV Code §24-C-1-11.  The WVDPB brings together stake holders in the underground facility management and construction industries to reduce damages to underground facilities by individuals who violate the Dig Law.

The WVDPB works to prevent damage to underground infrastructure and facilities through:

  • Fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the protection of underground facilities

  • Supporting Research

  • Developing and conducting public awareness and educations programs

  • Identifying and sharing knowledge and best practices to prevent damage to underground facilities


Board Members:

  • The President of Miss Utility of West Virginia or the President’s designee; Courtlandt Smith

  • One representative of the excavation, utility, or site construction industry; Tim Spradling

  • One representative of the natural resource extraction industry; David Haney

  • The Executive Director of the West Virginia Municipal League or its designee; Travis Blosser

  • The Executive Director of the West Virginia Rural Water Association or its designee; Todd Grinstead

  • One representative of the natural gas transmission or distribution or hazardous liquid industry; Jason Harshbarger

  • One representative of the electric, cable, or communications industry; David Robinson

  • One representative of the privately-owned water and/or wastewater services industry;  Mike Staley

  • One representative of the general public; Jack Harrison

  • The Chairman of the West Virginia Public Service Commission or the Chairman’s designee; Bob Weiford


Source: WV Code § 24C-1-9.

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